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July 19, 2009

Blog reconstruction!

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Sorry guys …our blog is under small reconstruction…it will not be long…more fresh pictures are coming soon!

May 29, 2009

Wedding in Berlin

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…so the wedding picture from Berlin Wedding…












May 25, 2009

Wedding in Berlin

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…Finaly i have some time to update our blog!Last two months were realy busy for us. So many projects were on the list …now , we have a new studio were we can work, make photoshoots, print large formats and even watch a HD movies with home theatre sound…thats one of the coolest places to be! But now i want to share with You with some of the pictures from wedding in Berlin.It was such an  awesome experience. Beautiful weather, beautiful people and almost unlimited time for shooting a wonderful young couple.Enjoy the images…and please be free to leave some comments.

Ilya and Anya session before wedding…




На кафеле...








…and of course, wedding pictures are comming SOOON!

February 28, 2009

Phase One Test

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This week was realy exiting for us.We got i hands to test one of the best mid-format cameras in the world!!! a new Phase One 45+ …(big thanks to Aivars Purmals from KULBERT LATVIA)

Well…for those of you who works in advertisement business or fashion or you are just a rich lunatic-its a good opportunity to spend 35 000 euro…fortunately, i dont have  to solve this problem…but shooting with this kind of camera is realy something like  traveling into another dimension…completely different…

Here are some of the images we got…

Original image

Original image

100% crop

100% crop





February 27, 2009


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Hello again…so many things have happened since last post…i dont know how to start…so…we shoot first wedding in January…we have never shoot weddings in winter before! It was a lot of fun, and a lot of cold … you can see some pictures in our wedding portfolio on the website.

And as some of you know , there is an international song contest , called “Eurovision” and we had a chance to make a special shoot for Ketta , one of the 10 contestants that may win chance to represent Latvia in this big occasion.This year Eurovision takes place in Moscow. So , lets wish Ketta GOOD LUCK!!! To listen her song(produced by Paul Murashov) You can visit
Ketta shoot for Eurovision song contest.

January 14, 2009


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Hello everybody and a HAPPY NEW YEAR…we are back again! after almost 2 months of silence…;)

We are glad that you are still following our blog…Anyway! after all celebrations are finaly finished…we decided to visit Moscow!We were very exited to finely meet wonderful fashion photographer Vera Biryukova , and even make a litte workshop, where Vera was also a model.It was a really great time together, where we shared our photo experience , tricks and stuff…and got many new friends in Moscow. Here are some images from this trip…
Models: our friends Vladimir and Vera

And this is Starbucks in Moscow … the best place in the city to spend some time with good friends…

The working process….
Vera Biryukova…
Elana Bazaly…
And this one just for fun! Vladimir …Lenin 😉

November 27, 2008

CD cover

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This november we were invited to do a CD cover shoot for Stanislav Murashov .He is very talented musician and song writer and this is his first solo album called “I am back”.U can listen some of the tracks here

So here are some pictures! Enjoy!

November 9, 2008

Alexey and Tatyana Wedding

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Here are some pictures from Alexey and Tatyana wedding. The last wedding in this season for us … by the way, it was realy cold outside , and raining all day long…but anyway , we were able to capture some beautiful moments.


November 3, 2008

USA Trip 3 – L.A.

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Ok guys…this is the last post about our biiig trip to USA . Finaly, we arrived to L.A. – what a huge city! and of course , u can`t emagine driving L.A. without a convertible!
So here we go…
our beauty – Mustang 

…someone`s beauty…Mercedes…
This is it! celebs…cameras…papparazzi…what is going on here? 
As we found out later , there was something like a new movie presentation…well, this is Hollywood
Stars , stars , stars …everwhere…
The Kodak Theatre….

Hollywood boulevard
and this is Beverly Hills…want some plastic surgery?
Rodeo drive…window shopping

Not Rodeo drive…who drives this peace of…boot ?
Hi , my name is Forrest , Forrest Gump…
What a nice day for swimming…

a first time we went to Buba gump shrimp
those other guys  were happy too…
and so we ordered…you never guess…shrimps!!!
Later, we took a bike ride to the Venice beach

Santa Monica from the Venice beach pier
…strange people everywhere around us!

a guitar for our little boy Noel

Santa Monica panoramic wheel…please, dont stop the moment!!!

Later that evening…

And the next morning we went to San Diego. A very beautyful city!…

Very beautyful weddings..
Coronado island…a part time lifeguard…

Wedding on the beach…sunny on the one side…

clouds on the other side…

last moment in this gorgeous place!!!
enjoy the San Diego panoramic view (click the image)

October 26, 2008

USA Trip 2 – San Francisco

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The American Trip – part two!!! So after 3 days spent in New York and East coast, we arrived in Sacramento , CA. The Golden State!Later , we took a car and mooved forward to San Francisco.Enjoy some of our pics.
This is where it all started – IHOP parking lot…

Fast forward-and here we are – SAN FRANCISCO!
Some of the people out there are living realy strange…how do they put a coffee cup in their car?
Theese guys , obviously, never complain….
…with this kind of view, every day! 

Sweet sptember…
And this park was realy amazing…
American style….
Kind of “iRobot” thing…
No comments…

Who carry their cameras all the time? YESSS! Tourists from JAPAN!!! Thank you, guys for taking this picture…
San Francisco downtown…

Life without music would be a mistake , for sure!

Later that evening we went to Oakland airport , to pick up one of the best photographers we know – Daniel Usenko! Then we stopped in a hotel in Fresno, where Daniel had a photoshoot next day, but we continued our jorney to L.A.

Thanks Daniel, for sharing your ideas and photoshop tricks! You are amazing , talanted photographer and very king person!
Dont miss a chance to visit to see his work of art!

Next day…50  miles to L.A…
Take a rest now…

…to be continued…

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